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Think all Las Vegas business brokers offer the same service? Think again. Since our founding in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has expanded beyond Las Vegas to become the top business brokerage firm in Nevada and one of the largest business sales organizations in the nation.

We’ve succeeded because we offer a wide-ranging, consultative, and time-tested service to our clients. We provide expert business valuation, perform extensive confidential marketing, pre-qualify buyers, and assist in negotiations – every service you’ll need if you’re planning to buy or sell a local business in the competitive Las Vegas market.

Our FCBB team offers particular expertise in working with all types and sizes of business including online businesses as well as international clients. We provide visa-friendly business opportunities as well as assistance in acquiring E2 business investment visas. Whether you’re a Las Vegas native or halfway across the world, we’ll manage all aspects of your business sale until it’s been finalized. And we’ll get you the best possible deal, with the best possible terms. 

If you’re selling a business, FCBB can help you to set a fair and realistic price. Once a price is set, we’ll handle the marketing and advertising. We’ll represent you in negotiations; we’ll assist in structuring deals; and we’ll manage your documents and contracts. We’ll prevent unlikely buyers from wasting your time. And we’ll perform every service with discretion, so you can protect the value of your Las Vegas business while it changes hands.

If you’re buying a business, we’ll be at your side every step of the way. We’ll get to know you, your finances, your skills, and your personal goals – then we’ll guide you to opportunities that can help you achieve what you want from your business. We’ll connect you to our exclusive listings of for-sale businesses. We’ll evaluate the value of prospective purchases. We’ll lead your purchase negotiations, handle your documents, and bring you to a successful close.

Whether you’re buying or selling, we have the know-how to get you the best possible return on everything you’ve invested – or plan to invest – in your Las Vegas business. So why not schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with First Choice Business Brokers Las Vegas 101 today? Call Jeff & Linda Nyman today at (702) 321-4280 or fill in the online form below!

Services That First Choice Business Brokers (FCBB) Offers

Sell Your Business

Now is the right time to consider selling your business, learn why.

Business Valuation

Market Price Analysis

Business Custom Search

Buyers, you have the money, now let’s find you the right business!

Transactional Guidance

There is a safe course to chart the process of successfully buying or selling a business, learn more.